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Rob Roy

Raibert Ruadh MacGriogair of the early 1700s was a Scottish outlaw, folk hero and legend in his own time. In 1894 he finally got some recognition when a bartender at the Waldorf Hotel created and debuted the Rob Roy in his honor.

(Photo: Armbrust, Wiki user)



Scotch                                  2 oz

Sweet Vermouth                1 oz

Aromatic Bitters                 2 dashes

Maraschino Cherry            1


  1. Add Scotch, Vermouth and Bitters into a mixing glass
  2. Fill with ice
  3. Stir until well chilled
  4. Option 1: Strain into cocktail glass and garnish with Orange peel
  5. Option 2: Strain into Old Fashioned glass over ice

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