Sazerac - Fancy a Drink


Created in New Orleans -the Merchant Exchange Coffee House to be exact- the Sazerac was originally made with Cognac and updated to Rye in the 1870s.




Rye or Cognac                2.5 oz

Sugar                                1 tsp

Peychaud’s bitters         2 dashes

Aromatic bitters             1 dash

Absinthe                          drizzle

Lemon Peel                    1

  1. Begin with two Old Fashioned glasses
  2. In the first glass:
  3. Muddle sugar and bitters
  4. Add the Rye
  5. Fill with ice and stir until well chilled
  6. In the second glass:
  7. Drizzle a bit of Absinthe in and swirl around to coat the glass
  8. Dispose of any that left over in glass
  9. Strain Rye mixture into Absinthe glass and garnish with Lemon peel

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