Vieux Carré - Fancy a Drink

Vieux Carré

Another exquisite cocktail from New Orleans, “vieux carré” is pronounced voo-ca-ray and is French for “old square”, likely referencing the city’s famous French Quarter.

(Photo: CocktailStevee, Tumblr)



Rye                                      0.75 oz

Cognac                               0.75 oz

Sweet Vermouth               0.75 oz

Benedictine                        1 tsp

Peychaud’s Bitters            2 dashes

Aromatic Bitters                2 dashes

Maraschino Cherry           1


  1. Combine all ingredients except cherry into mixing glass
  2. Fill with ice
  3. Stir until well chilled
  4. Strain into Old Fashioned glass over ice and garnish with Cherry

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