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Shellback Silver Rum

Shellback Rum is a new offering from Grande Antilles Cane Spirits (Gallo). A mid-range offering, Shellback Silver and Spiced versions. Made at the famed West Indies Rum Distillery in Barbados, Shellback Silver Rum is made using a combination of pot and column still distillates that are then blended together.  The resulting rum, is smooth and fruity. It makes a killer base for rum punch. Appearance: Clear with viscus legs Nose: Clean, youthful with medium notes of overripe pineapple, honey, vanilla, cream, citrus, mango, papaya and coconut. Palate: Dry, alcohol is smooth yet fiery with similar notes to the nose.

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Jacob’s Ghost White Whiskey

Jacob’s Ghost is new and old white whiskey from Jim Beam. Named after Jacob Beam, founder of Jim Beam, Jacob’s Ghost is a direct descendent of the white whiskey he distilled way back in 1795.  Unlike most white whiskeys, Jacobs Ghost is aged for 12 months in new white oak barrels. In the words of Fred Noe, Jim Beam’s 7th Generation Master Distiller. “Jacob’s Ghost represents both our past and our future. It’s a tribute to my family’s ancestry and our first distiller, while also showing our chops at innovation by perfecting what Jacob first created into a whiskey

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Bulleit 10 year old Bourbon

Diageo’s small batch, Bulleit Bourbon recently released it’s newest expression, Bulleit 10, a 10 year old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. At a recent event, Founder Tom Bulliet, told the crowd how was able to a 10 year in the Kentucky.

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