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Homemade Limoncello

Limoncello in the bottle by the pool

My first batch of homemade Limoncello was about 20 years ago. I had a grand plan to bottle it up for Christmas gifts for friends and family with my own private label. Unfortunately, the Limoncello was awful. Truly undrinkable. Recently, through the magic of Flipboard, I came across on article at The Spruce Eats talking about the joys of Italian Liqueurs and how to make several of them. Having made terrible Limoncello before, I decided to try again. The article shared a recipe for homemade Limoncello that I used as the basis for the batch that recently went into a bottle and actually tastes delicious this time. The Limoncello recipe calls for the following ingredients: 15 lemons (organic is best) 2 (750-milliliter) bottles of grain alcohol such as Everclear or vodka 4 cups granulated sugar 9 1/2 cups water In short, half the alcohol is steeped in the lemon peels for 3-4 weeks, then the sugar and water are used to make simple syrup and that plus the second bottle of alcohol are added to the steeped alcohol and put aside again for another 3-4 weeks. I modified that recipe in several ways. First, I cut down the 4 cups […]

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Grave Digger

cocktail glass with bourbon cocktail

The Grave Digger is an excellent Bourbon based winter cocktail when it is cold outside and warm inside. This version of the Grave Digger uses Bourbon as the base spirit and red wine as the secondary alcohol.  We have mixed up slight variations of this using Rye in place of Bourbon and even hard cider in place of the red wine. Have fun, mix and match the ingredients but most importantly, enjoy the cocktail and stay warm. Find the recipe here.

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The Colonial Gimlet

Colonial Gimlet, bottle of rum, cocktail glass and handwritten recipe on a table

Start the weekend off right with a Colonial Gimlet. My grandmother wrote this recipe down for my grandfather in the 1980s. As a result, I’m certain he took this hint and made that exact cocktail for her. The note has survived time and recently made its way to us here at Fancy A Drink and we now bring you both the photograph and recipe. The recipe can be found here and we hope you enjoy it. We will be making our Colonial Gimlet with BUMBU (The Original) Rum.

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