Daiquiri - Fancy a Drink


The Daiquiri originated in Cuba and was made by pouring a teaspoon of sugar, the juice of two limes and three ounces of white rum, in succession, over ice in a tall glass. This mixture was then stirred and served. Over time, this process has become one of mixing the ingredients, shaking them together and then serving the Daiquiri into a coupe glass.

There is some discussion as to who invented the drink and made it popular in the US. Was it created by Jennings Cox, an American living and working in Cuba in the late 1800s? Was it William A. Chanler that introduced the drink at NYC clubs in 1902? It could also have been introduced first in the US in Washington DC by Rear Admiral Lucius W. Johnson. Each of these contributed to the Daiquiri’s appearance and eventual popularity in the US where it eventually became popular with Ernest Hemingway and President Kennedy.

The Daiquiri comes in many forms and we are going to focus on the classic, three ingredient Daiquiri. Rum, lime, simple syrup. There are many variations, so feel free to experiment.

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Light Rum            2 ounces

Lime Juice           1 ounce

Simple Syrup       3/4 ounce

  1. Add all ingredients to shaker.
  2. Add ice.
  3. Shake vigorously.
  4. Pour through strainer into Coupé glass.

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