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The Summer Ale Spritz cocktail was created by Rael Petit in the Hollywood Hills. The master mixologist is originally from Switzerland and is renowned for his work in New York City. The story of how Petit ended up in the Hollywood Hills to create this drink is unclear as he works at Delilah in New York City. There is also a West Hollywood location so it is impressive to think he may have just been on vacation at his bar’s LA location and he was still creating new drinks.

This beer cocktail brings together the lemon and wheat flavor of Sam Adams Summer Ale with Rosemary syrup and the timeless Aperol Spritz. We’ll explain how to make the syrup in the recipe.

This drink is a frozen, blended cocktail served on the rocks. It’s considered a refreshing afternoon drink as opposed to an evening cocktail. Enjoy and, when you make it, please let us know what you think on Instagram, Facebook or the comments below.

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