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Many of us have done it. If you’re young and ready to party and someone shows up with booze, we drank it. This decision invariably did not end well. Whether it was doing something ill advised or just feeling lousy the next day, the choices of drink did not yield positive results. At some point, it is time to mature your drinking tastes and habits. We here at Fancy A Drink believe 25 is a great age to start. So, here’s a short list of drinks to skip once you’re north of 25.

Everclear. It’s not common for someone to arrive at a party with this, but if they do, skip it. It’s rocket fuel. It tastes awful. You will probably end up doing something dumb.

Bacardi 151. The combination of sugar and high alcohol content is a path to disaster. There’s never been a documented case of a person who didn’t drink too much of it.

Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill. It’s $3.99 a bottle on the high end. It can’t be good and trust us, it isn’t.

Cuervo Gold. This has ruined tequila for countless people. Many will never be able to sip a quality tequila because of one night with Cuervo Gold. As comedian Jim Breuer said, it’s like there’s a party in
your stomach and Cuervo is the bouncer. Everybody out!

Seagrams 7. Spend a little more and get a decent whiskey. You’ll be glad you did.

Southern Comfort. The self-proclaimed smooth drinking whiskey is not very smooth. It’s a fairly inexpensive shot, but doesn’t play well with others.

Lynchburg Lemonade. This is a nasty combination of Jack Daniels and sicky sweet lemonade. The acidic burn on the way down should tell you something’s not right. If you don’t heed the warning, you’ll
probably be in for a rough start the next day.

Comment, tell us your stories (or maybe it’s better if you don’t), disagree with us or add to the list!

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